About Rudi Weeks

Rudi has been a professional musician and teacher of music for over twenty five years. He has performed with such Motown greats as "The Contours," "The Crests," and "Ronnie Spector", and Folk and Bluegrass legends Tom "Paxton" and "Tony Trisca". He also toured internationally with the "Dirty Dancing Concert Tour."

His extensive free-lance performance and recording experience includes projects with over thirty ensembles, performing styles that range from Classical, Big Band Swing, Jazz; to "World Beat," R&B, Funk, and Rock.

He served as a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Performing Arts Division and as an adjunct bass faculty member for Amherst College. He currently teaches at "Downtown Sounds" in Northampton MA, at his home and Holyoke Community College Music Department. He is also an 19 year veteran of the highly acclaimed Andean influenced world music group, "Viva Quetzal".

Performance and Recording Credits

Viva Quetzal (Latin) (1993-current)
The Quetzal Jazz Trio (Latin Jazz) (97-present)
Souled Out (Motown/R&B/Soul) (2006-2011)
Satinwood (2002-2009)
Rainy Day People (Croce/Lightfoot) (2011-present)
Caribbean for Kids (2001-2008)
Ronnie Spector (Motown)(88)
The Contours (Motown) (88) The Crests (Motown)(88)
Tom Paxton (Folk)(97)
Tony Triska, Kenny Kosec & Andy May (Bluegrass, Folk) (96-98)
Michael Gregory (Jazz, Acid Rock) (1999-2000)
Jim K & Co. (Classic yet Original Rock) (98-present)
Jose Gonzalez (Latin) (97)
Joe Velez Trio (Latin Jazz) (98)
Ray Gonzalez (Latin Jazz) (98)
Tommy Whalen and the Ragged Edge (Blues, Rock, Pop) (98-present)
Mentos and New Horizons (Reggae) (99-present)
Ray of Elvis (The King) (96-2003)
John Sheldon & Blue Streak (Original Rock) (93-94)
Tony Vacca & Tim Moran (Afro Jazz) (92-94)
Ivory (Funk, Top 40) (89-91)
The Brothers Band (Everything) (91-97)
Mitch Chakour Band (R&B, Mo town, Funk)(83-84)
Joel Zoss (Original Folk, Blues, Reggae) (84-88 & 93)
Uerban Renewal & (Jazz, Rock, Fusion) (83-84)
Rohlehr Groves & Colby (Mo town, Swing, R&B))(82-84
Backbone with Tino Gonzalez (Burnin Mexican/Chicago Bluues (86-87)
Transfusion (w/ Jeff Pivar) (Jazz, Rock, Fusion) (86)
John Coster & The Medicine Band (Original Rock) (84)
Andy May & The Atlantic Express (Folk, Rock, Bluegrass) (83-87)
Jack Veronisi with Blue Zone and the Chrome Bones (R&B, Rock, Mo town)(83-87)
Debbie Fish & Diane Sinabria - The Briar Hill Ramblers (Folk, Bluegrass) (84-87)
The Billy Hughes Quintet (Jazz, Pop) (83-88)
The Mark Morris Trio (Jazz, Jazz-Rock) (96-97)
The Holly Heartman Trio (Jazz) (86-87)
The Proof (Pop Rock) (80-83)
The New York Experience (Mini concert versions of B.Way shows) (78-80)
Laura Anderson (Folk-Rock)(83-84)
Dixon (Folk) (84)
Tom Juravich (Union Folk) (83-84)
Ed Cerveny Band "Uptown Sound" (Swing, Jazz, Pop) (77-78)
Holyoke Civic Orchestra (Classical...) (83-84)
Westfield State Jazz Band and Jazz Rock Singers (Swing,Jazz)(82-83)
+ Prime Time (Funk, Pop) (78)
Avatar (Jazz, Rock) (76-78)
Holidaye (Funk, Pop) (77-78)
Fresh Squeeze (Jazz-Rock fusion) (84-85)
Paid by the Note (Bluegrass-Jazz) (83-84)
Samba Space (Latin-Jazz) (84)

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